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The Reason We’re In Business

When people ask how we found the Harmonic Egg, we like to start with the “why” behind our business. We were looking for a way to share the accumulated knowledge we have been gifted through struggles, traumas, expeditions into the soul, health sleuthing and divine guidance. We have had a connection to the common egg since childhood, at first representing the earthiness of a simple farm and the love of searching for eggs in haystacks and finding new life. Later, learning so many magical accounts of the creation of the world, formed from an egg. A powerful symbol, inseparable from the beauty and mystery of the birds that produce them, soaring to the heavens or living in a simple chicken coop on the earth. And so, when the Harmonic Egg entered our field of awareness, we understood we were simply following the trail of corn left behind by our future selves.

As we learned about the technology of the Harmonic Egg, we understood the shape was symbolizing a somewhat forgotten and much-needed form of healing. Color, light and sound therapy from a long-forgotten time and the language of geometry and universal numbers. These things spoke to us, deeply.

We knew this would be a sacred and personal way to help heal the bodies and souls of those we know and those we are yet to meet. We’ve been called to create and hold space for transformation with something true, not a fad or a trend. It would be a collective experience, each of us contributing and connecting.

That is what we believe the human experience is meant to be and why we are in business, to be present in the moments that create our unique lives and help us come closer to our unity as a result. We’re in business to celebrate our collective healing, our truths, our journey. We’re in business to deeply connect with the world we live in, to share the bounty of experience and experiences and to love the person and the path they take to our door. We humbly started this process in our home and in 2019 we decided to take a risk, gather some friends, pray and make a go of it in a larger space. Latitude 34° is the evolving result of that process.

Greg Fahlman

I was born and raised in Northeastern Ohio, attended and graduated from Kent State University with a BA in business. I worked with a financial consulting firm in Cleveland where I helped owners of small and midsize corporations successfully meet their corporate, individual and family financial objectives. In 1987, I sold a $3.5 billion dollar life insurance policy to a Fortune 5 public corporation, the largest insurance policy ever sold at that time, which was used to fund their corporate healthcare liability, a system that is still in use today. My career has included founding and funding a nonprofit television network focused on addiction recovery, a successful film and television production company in Los Angeles, also partnering in live entertainment by building a $60 million dollar 6,200 seat indoor live entertainment venue, the first located in Dallas, Texas which, upon opening, was awarded Mid-Size Concert Venue of the Year and is still in operation today. My passion has been the lifelong quest for self-healing, stemming from early childhood trauma, which has included traditional medicine and alternative modalities from around the world. Recently, I created a unique teaching/coaching practice working with individual clients, couples and families who come to me as a last resort after having tried traditional methods. My clients are mostly healers themselves such as life coaches, marriage counselors, therapists, doctors, Reiki masters, hypnotherapists and others in the healing arts. Over the years, I have become known as the Healer’s Healer.

Debra Fahlman

I was born and raised in Los Angeles, the third generation in the US from a rich Latin heritage. I studied and practiced meditation since my early 20s which was the genesis of a contemplative lifestyle. Traveling to many spiritual destinations around the world has provided me with a deep appreciation for the diversity of the planet and the connections we share. I have had a long career in the corporate arena as a sr. vice president and branch manager for a national real estate holding company doing multi-million dollar transactions for top real estate agents in the Westside of Los Angeles. My passion for helping people navigate complicated real estate transactions lead me to helping people understand the oftentimes confusing choices available to them concerning health, nutrition and alternative healing modalities. With the belief that the best healthcare is taking care of your health, in 2018, I graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, New York, as a certified health coach and am now excited to bring the technologies of Frequency, Vibration, Sound and Light to Los Angeles.

Greg & Debra Fahlman