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How many sessions does one need in the HE?

Our experience to date is that clients experience the greatest results with a consistently-paced set of sessions. The sweet spot is 4-10 session in a series, doing 1 session every 5-7 days.
For example, if you have insomnia and are sleeping better after 4-10 sessions, we may never see you again. If you have a stage 4 illness, one set of sessions (most likely) will not be enough to turn the body around.

Understanding that we are unique in every way, it’s a good practice to steer clear of assumptions; and instead, pay attention and acknowledge what the body is asking for. The more you experience HE sessions, tune-in, and listen on a deep level, the more you will have a sense of when and how many sessions to experience following your first series.

How long does a client need to stay in the chamber, the protocol?

We are using 40 minutes and then the POWERFUL 10 minutes of silence in the chamber to integrate the session. It’s truly an amazing experience! A white paper that came out of Feiburg, Germany in 2016 described the use of deep relaxing music to help patients heal; and they discovered a period of 6.5 minutes of silence helped integrate the healing. Adopting that discovery, Gail Lynn, inventor of the HE added a few extra minutes, feeling that 10 minutes was the right amount for a HE session.

Also, if you have read anything about chiropractic care and its beginnings, there are accounts where doctors were trained to ensure patients rest at the office for a short time to help the adjustments integrate and set into the body.

How long do I have to wait to use the chamber after doing a session?

As a general rule, 5-7 days. There may be exceptions, such as when people come from out of town and do 2 sessions in two days.

Is this technology just for people who are ill?

NO, it’s for anyone wanting to stay healthy and naturally detox / de-stress the body in a non-invasive way.

Does the technology work for all conditions and illnesses?

Clients have reported results from all kinds of conditions and illness – everyone is different so everyone will have different results.

What should I expect from the session / sessions?

It is to your benefit to come without expectations; and, at the same time, be open to receive the most appropriate energies to support your upgrade. Here are 3 common responses people have shared…

1. FEELING A BURST OF ENERGY. Sessions boost the vitality of the cells, organs and tissues and raise your vibration. If this happens don’t over exert yourself…do 60% (or less) of what you feel you can do. Conserve that energy for healing. It’s not uncommon to first experience an increase in energy followed by a gradual fatigue as your cells use the energy to release toxins and heal.

2. FEELING MINIMAL DIFFERENCE. This, too, is normal and acceptable. It can mean that your body is using the energy to repair and cleanse at a very deep level. Whether one is quite debilitated or already pretty healthy, the changes may feel minimal at first. It’s not uncommon to experience a delay in which you start noticing greater shifts (many days later) as the body slowly upgrades it vibratory patterns. The changes clients experience vary according to what each individual needs in their unique healing process.

3. FEELING FATIQUE OR EXHAUSTION. This is common when the body is going through the healing process. Factors that can play in are: quality of sleep, water, food, relationships, and environment. You could develop brain fog (from releasing toxins), but it will flush out by drinking water ample amounts of pure water and high-quality electrolytes.

Also, one might experience headaches, achiness, or other signs that your body is releasing stored toxins. Don’t try to push through the feelings of being tired. Good gentle with yourself and REST! You will be able to work and function during the day, simply be mindful not to overbook yourself with commitments.

Can I use the technology if I have metal in my body?

Yes, we have served clients with all kinds of metal parts, plates, and hardware inside the body.

Can pregnant women use the chamber?

Yes, it’s safe to use when pregnant. Relieving stress is always a good thing for mom and baby.

Can babies use the chamber?

Yes, we have had children as young as 8 weeks in the chamber.

Do you guarantee results?

No, per the FDA and other government organizations, we cannot make any claims or guarantee anyone results. Feel free to browse the testimonials (RESULTS) on this website to see what others have reported. However, since each client is different, we can never tell what results an individual will receive.