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What Is The Harmonic Egg?

Here is how one medical professional described it.

“The Harmonic Egg is a large chamber in the shape of a large dodecahedron egg. This innovative technology offers deep relaxation / stress relief through light, frequency, vibration and sound in a sacred geometric shape. The client reclines in a zero-gravity chair while being surrounded and embraced by soothing light, sound and vibration. My experience in the Harmonic Egg was one of complete peacefulness and a level of deep stillness and relaxation that I had never experienced before.” ~Kirsten Antony, RN

What has been created is a resonant chamber for relaxation and de-stressing the body. We use frequencies, vibration, sound and light waves to bring the body back into balance from a world filled with chaos. Everyone has stress and trauma in their lives. Most visits to the doctor can be traced back to stress or trauma. It’s epidemic. Never before have we had so much stress. The environment, politics, the economy, families, children, jobs and the list goes on and on.

The Harmonic Egg experience is a restorative emotional and physical response to light & sounds promoting a sense of internal balance and well-being.

Sound and light healing is not new. Its roots date back to more than 40,000 years ago with the Aboriginal people in Australia. They are most known for the use of the Didgeridoo to influence the health of bones and muscles. In addition, to get energy to move and break up stuck emotions. The root cause of most dis-ease is stress. Stress is the only cause we truly acknowledge, but emotional trauma and stuck energy are very real.

We are sound and light beings and our lives began with an egg. Why not heal with sound and light in an egg?  The inventor had a vision to build a huge wooden egg for healing, using sound and light. The Harmonic Egg was born in 2016 and went into production in 2017 to bring this modality to the world. We get daily inquiries from people wanting to open centers and / or have access to this amazing modality.

The Harmonic Egg is being recognized by medical professionals; many of them are coming to use it and sending patients. The first center, managed by medical professionals, opened in California in May of 2019.

The Harmonic Egg offers deep relaxation for the body to reboot / reset. Sometimes the body is spinning with so much trauma and chaos it can’t get back to “normal”. Sitting in a resonant environment may help sync the cells (as has been demonstrated in many science experiments where coo-coo clock pendulums all start swinging in sync after being in a room together). The cells can reset and re-balance to encourage natural healing. When the body is in balance and relaxed it knows how to heal.

This is why meditation and yoga, just as two examples, work so well for people. People relax listening to music and getting a massage. The Harmonic Egg differs in that the “music” is not dissipating into the ether of a room or environment. It’s contained in the sacred geometry of the egg. I know of no other modality that can do this. The design of the Harmonic Egg uses mathematics of 3,6, and 9.

“If you knew the magnificence of the three, six and nine, you would have a key to the universe.” ~Nikola Tesla

Tesla believed that the numbers 3, 6, and 9 had extreme importance. The Harmonic Egg is designed with this in mind.

  • A dodecahedron outside (that’s 12 sides and in numerology a 3, 1+2=3)
  • A hexagon platform (6 sides) where the zero-gravity chair is located.
  • 360 degrees of healing inside the egg shape (in numerology that’s a 9, 3+6=9).
  • Have we unlocked the key in some way for the body to heal? The music is selected and studied to work within the geometric pattern inside. Hundreds of music selections were studied and considered for the Harmonic Egg. Only a few are mastered, mixed and recorded properly for use in the Harmonic Egg.

The Harmonic Egg is a secluded meditative medium to allow for personal reflection by letting go of worldly distractions and stress while embracing light and sound energy to feel a restorative emotional and physical rebooting / rebalancing.

There are many amazing artist and producers out there, but not all work with the acoustics of an egg chamber. We hope this information helps you to understand why the Harmonic Egg was born.

How does Resonance Chamber healing work?

Harmonic Egg Therapy in Westlake Village, CA

Harmonic Egg technology does not heal you. The human body has an innate ability to heal itself. The Harmonic Egg helps you turn on the healing power of the body’s cells.

If we are proactive in our health and wellness, we can avoid many drugs throughout our lives. Instead of waiting for our health to get so bad that we need medications, we take the approach of caring for ourselves on an on-going basis.

Let’s use Lyme disease, for example. Lyme dis-ease vibrates at a specific frequency within our cells, making those cells also vibrate at that same diseased frequency. Harmonic Egg technology counters that frequency with an exact opposite frequency, which is the frequency of health. By countering a diseased frequency with its opposite healthy frequency the diseased frequency is neutralized. Now your cell is in a balanced state and healing can occur.

Our cells have memory and store pain (bio-energetic cellular memory). They store physical and emotional pain that has occurred throughout our lives going as far back as the womb. As you may already know, emotional pain can be one of the most challenging pains to deal with and eliminate. Emotional pain can hold us back from a happy life and from achieving our true potential. It’s the kind of pain that makes us say mean things to ourselves, underestimate our power, and disregard our own needs because we feel unworthy. Emotional pain can keep us stuck and prevent us from reaching our true potential and eventually create disease in our bodies.

Prior to Harmonic Egg technology, you could go to counseling, meditate, take medications, or use a myriad of different modalities to get rid of your emotional pain. However, most approaches do little to address more than just the mind. Yes, it’s true that many therapies can assist you in having massive realizations that cause you to shift your own energy. However, these “massive realizations” may come few and far between.

Resonance Chamber Healing in Westlake Village, CA

As a result, your energy will shift, you will get healthier, and it will take time. We are not negating the benefits of the other therapies as they are necessary for many people. However, with the Harmonic Egg you may begin changing the frequency of your cells and releasing emotional pain in the very first session. If your desire is to begin balancing your cells and releasing physical and emotional pain quickly then the Harmonic Egg can help you with that.

From a Scientific Perspective

The Harmonic Egg applies frequency, vibration, sound and light waves in a resonant frequency to the body, which then allows the body to rebalance and reset itself. We can accomplish this by taking the body to a level below the level of consciousness while you are still in a conscious state.

Testing has been done to show that when brain waves are brought to a 2-4 Hz (Delta / Theta) range, the body can then achieve a deep relaxation/flow state. One aspect of the Harmonic Egg is to change malfunctioning energy frequencies by signaling them into resonant (balanced) frequencies. Let’s assume the red line is the energy frequency of a disease/illness. How can we change that frequency?

Wave-Length 1

You offset it with another frequency, the green line, that is exactly opposite, like this:

Wave-Length 2

When you do that, you cancel out the malfunctioning frequency and end up with a neutral state where healing can happen:

Wave-Length 3

Now the body can reset itself into this neutral state. When the body is in this resonant (balanced) frequency at a deep state of relaxation, it can release trauma (emotional, physical and environmental) on its own, at warp speed / real-time, at a cellular level (cell memory). We believe “The Body Does Not Know Disease By Name” and illness and disease is an imbalance in the body. “Just What If…” Harmonic Egg can rebalance the body and reprogram the cell memory?

Stress is the #1 health issue in America, which leads to the manifestation of other health-related issues. Stress can cause inflammation in the body and inflammation can cause dis-ease. This can progress and become a problem when we are under constant stress day in and day out. Scientists have found that this smooth, coherent rhythm is the pattern of your heartbeat while it is in a natural, restful sleep state. Remember above when we said that the Harmonic Egg puts the body into a state of deep relaxation/flow state? The Harmonic Egg allows stress to be removed from the nervous system by stopping the stress signal, which is an energy frequency, from being sent.

“The first things stress turns off are the healing and immune systems, and when the healing and immune systems are turned back on or way up, they are capable of healing just about anything.” ~ Ben Johnson, MD, The Healing Code)

“The resonance chamber does not heal you; you heal from your own immune system. The resonance chamber employs a patented technique to non-invasively interact with a client’s autonomic nervous system (ANS)*. The technique is based on light, sound and resonant frequencies that have been found to adjust the ANS to restore a proper balance and improve clients’ health. ~ Johnson, MD, The Healing Code

Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) ~ What is it?

The ANS is a part of the nervous system that regulates key involuntary functions of the body, that are not consciously directed, such as breathing, heartbeat, circulation and blood flow, glands and digestive processes. The ANS has two divisions: the sympathetic nervous system, which accelerates the heart rate, constricts blood vessels, and raises blood pressure (during the fight-or-flight response) and the parasympathetic nervous system, which slows the heart rate, increases intestinal and gland activity, and aids in rest and digest of the body (the rest and digest response) stress causes changes within the ANS. Long term stress can eventually equate to dis-ease developing in the body. So, in addition to emotional release, the Harmonic Egg also helps with physical ailments. The resonance chamber technology has been studied in Dr. Norm Shealy’s research lab. The highly accomplished Dr. Shealy has been using the resonance chamber technology on every disease you can imagine and having huge success.

As you can imagine, this is significant! When your ANS comes into alignment and your body is again functioning optimally, amazing things can happen. This is when your body will begin to detox itself from harmful toxins that have been stored in your tissues. Diseases and physical ailments you have had for a very long time may be resolved. You may also notice you actually feel more physically fit and begin losing weight as your body balances out.